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Online Training: Expectation vs. Reality


The pandemic situation that we experience since 2020 has changed our lives. We have to adapt with the new way of daily routine including online training. For those who is in the non-essential services, work from home is the ultimate option. Some of us are also being forced to be out of job. Economy is fluctuating like roller coaster. Everything seems to be uncertain.

Those who is being forced to work from home, consider yourself lucky. There is still ways for you to make your ends meet. Those who is out of job, fret not. There are many possible options for you to gain success. Consider this as an opportunity for you to start anew. Start with something that you really like and can make a dent in the universe. You are the chosen one.

Being stuck at home, and scared to go out to be with other people? How can I upgrade my knowledge other than reading books? Don’t worry, with the incentives from the government, the digital platform has grown rapidly (link here).

What is Online Training

Being at home may be an avenue for some of us to enhance their knowledge or skills by learning online. This platform might be an alien to some, but the learning curve is not steep at all. You can get the hang of it in the matter of just hours (or minutes for some).

What is online training? While traditional learning session is conducted over the face to face session, online training is a learning session that is being done over the internet. Online training is a general term for an education method that is an alternative to face to face student-teacher interaction. It’s an umbrella for a wide number of methods for the teacher / trainer to share their knowledge with the students. Below are some of the methods that educators use in online training:

  • Podcast – digital audio file that is being uploaded and made available on the internet. Users may download or stream (listen to) the audio file with subscription (some subscription is being made for free).
  • Video sharing – there are a few reputable websites that provides this service. Content provider may upload their video contents on the website to be watched by student.
  • Webinar – a seminar that is being conducted over the internet.
  • Video call – this is a two way training session where the educators and students may interact during the training session.

Online Training

Why choose Online Training?

There are a lot of benefits in choosing the online training method. Other than eliminating the top-down lecturing modes, passive students may be more interactive during the online training sessions. The educators and students may co-create a more collaborative learning style. With the right approach, educators and students may benefits from this synergy.

Apart of the benefits mentioned above, online training sessions may also provide the following benefits:

  • Convenience – the contents hosted on the internet may be accessed 24/7 from any devices. It also can accommodate those stuck with house chores or family matters that needs attention.
  • Equal ground – students can take more time to think and reflect before communicating. Shy students tend to thrive online and anonymity of the online environment is good for them.
  • Innovative teaching – online training provides opportunity for the educators to squeeze their creative juice in crafting the training sessions.

How do you enjoy the benefits of Online Training?

Now you have learned what is online training and the benefits. The next question you may ask is how you can take a full advantage of them.

Preparing a conducive environment

While online training is beneficial to everyone, some people are struggling to adapt themselves to the new normal. With no monitoring from your superiors, being discipline is difficult.

The first thing that you should do is to make a decision. Yes, you have to decide. You have to decide that you want to learn and improve yourself. Without making a decision, it’s difficult for you to make a commitment. It’s easy for you to steer away from your destination in the world of full distraction.

After making decision, you must prepare a comfortable dedicated area for you to study. Learning by laying down on your bed might be distracting for some. Dedicate a sitting area with table and chair that is not in the middle of the hall, where your family members are gathering.

When you have decided and have a dedicated area to study, assign a dedicated time for you to spend on learning. Try to commit yourself to the dedicated time for you to learn the new skill that you want to learn.

The same difference

While you may feel that online learning is a total stranger, it is no difference than the traditional classroom style learning. Treat it as if you are attending a normal training session that you always go to during your workdays. The only difference is that you are not physically there to learn. You are at the comfort of your own home.

Seek the trainer’s contact details such as email or mobile number. You may contact your educators via email or Whatsapp after the session ended. This kind of interaction may increase your learning experience.


Zaytech Solutions Sdn. Bhd. created the term funtelektual, which is a combination of fun and intelektual. They are promoting this pedagogy in their training sessions. You may find them at for further details on the training sessions provided by them.


We have seen a challenging time in the year 2020 and 2021. During this period, most of us are being forced to stay home to stay safe. While the challenging economic situation, some of us are being forced out of job. Instead of looking at it as a challenge, look at them as an opportunity. An opportunity for you to grow and start anew.

Reap the opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and skill provided by online learning. I know it’s difficult, but it’s doable. Take care and stay safe.

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