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Everyone knows what a website is, but do you know what is the purpose of having a website? Having a website is like having a notice board that never sleeps. It is always open for people to see. But do you need a website? How is a website different from a social media page?

Ok, let’s have a look at the difference. A social media is a good source of traffic, where there are huge amount of people can be reached. However, a social media page is bound to be branded by their theme & identity. You don’t have control over how you want it to look like. In other words, you cannot do an effective branding on a social media platform. Yes, you can start to build your brand on the social media platform, buy you will always tied to their branding image. What happens if that social media  platform is being out of business? You’ll probably loose your platform to continue growing your brand.

Website analogy

Let’s have an analogy of a shopping mall. A shopping mall represents a social media platform and the shops inside the mall represents your website. There are many visitors to certain shopping mall, and there might be some who are loyal to a particular mall. The atmosphere and environment might be suitable to their needs. If you build your brand using the social media platform, you might be similar to those who are renting the push cart at the corridors of the mall. However, if you want to grow your business, you might want to rent a shop where you can decorate and build your branding around them. The shop that you are renting is the analogy of a website.

Development of a website

Is owning a website expensive? Well, the cost might varies depending on different conditions. Like a shop, there are a lot of factors to be considered such as your shop signage, your shop lot rental, interior design, etc. In owning a website, the shop signage represents the domain name. You may want to consider a top level domain name such as .com, .net, etc. You may also want to create your brand around a internationalized domain name which is country specific like .my , .sg, .us, etc. These domain name is being charged yearly by the domain name registrar.

Apart of the domain name, there is also a hosting fee that may be incurred. There are some hosting provider that charges a monthly rental (similar to the shop lot analogy, but not as high as the shop lot rental), and some are charging their hosting fee yearly. There is also the website development fees need to be paid by you. This is similar to the interior design of your shop. You may request your website developer to develop your website according to your branding blueprint.

Sounds like a lot of things involved in owning a website! Fret not, you can contact me for complementary consultation. I do provide domain registration, web hosting & website development service. 

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